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Why are foreign goods preferred to Ghana…

Why are foreign goods preferred to Ghana…

In the recent past government, the president at the time, John Dramani Mahama, pointed out clearly in one of his speeches that, Ghana-made goods should be purchased more than foreign goods. This he said should be done in order to boost the economy of the country. Since then, the awareness of purchasing Ghana-made goods has become a thing. The question is, has there been a change since the ex-president’s speech? And what of now?
One can attest to the fact that the patronage of Ghana-made goods is not as high as the patronage of foreign goods. What are some reasons that Ghanaians give, as to why they prefer foreign goods to Ghana-made goods?

A random Ghanaian interviewed, pointed out that, the poor quality of Ghanaian goods makes him prefer foreign goods. He shared an experience of a time he bought a pair of sandals, which he didn’t often wear, and within two weeks, the sandals got torn. He tried again at a different sandal shop and he had the same result. This has made him generalize the poor quality of those sandals to every good. And that for him not to get the same result even from another product, he buys foreign goods, since, according to him, last longer and therefore are quality.
In addition to this, another Ghanaian also claimed that the goods of Ghana are not original but that, they are copied versions of the original, which are from foreign countries. In other words, since they are copied versions, their quality is not as high as foreign goods.

Others interviewed also reported that they prefer foreign goods to Ghana-made goods because they feel better when they use them. An instance given was the use of body creams. According to one of them, she prefers foreign body creams because they quickly dry on her skin and do not make her sweat too much unlike the Ghanaian shea butter which makes her feel sticky and makes her sweat profusely.

Another Ghanaian reported that some of the goods either have no packaging or the packaging is poor. He added that some do not even have an expiry date, which to him is very risky.

Lastly, one reported that some Ghana-made goods are very expensive and therefore, he has no other choice than to purchase the foreign goods which to him, are affordable. One, on the other hand, claimed that he likes the prices but the goods are not of good quality and that is his reason for purchasing foreign goods more than Ghana-made goods.

Can it be said that the people’s comments about made in Ghana goods are as a result of them purchasing their products at the wrong place?
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