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Prohibited Content on Fofoofo Market

Before advertising with us please note that the buying or selling of the following content below are prohibited on fofoofomarket.com Please read carefully before selecting a package.

1. Illegal, Prescription, or Recreational Drugs

fofoofomarket does not promote the buying or selling of illegal, prescription or recreational drugs. Eaxmple. Drugs, including marijuana and marijuana products Drug paraphernalia, including pipes and bongs Prescription drugs

2. Weapons, Ammunition or Explosives

fofoofomarket does not promote the buying, selling, or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives. examples includes, Firearms and firearm parts, Paintball guns, BB Guns, Fireworks, Pepper spray, Tasers, Gun ranges, Gun shows,

3. Adult Products or Services

fofoofomarket does not promote the buying, selling, or use of adult products or services. Examples, Sex toys, Videos or live shows for adult entertainment, Sexual enhancement products, Sexually suggestive services (“texts to send her to get her in bed”),

4. Body Parts and Fluids

fofoofomarket does not promote the buying or selling of human body parts or fluids. Examples, Blood, Urine, Body parts, Organs, Human tissue, Teeth.

5. Real Money Gambling Services

fofoofomarket does not promote buying, selling, or facilitate gambling, games of skill or lotteries, including online casinos and gambling, sports books, bingo, or poker if it costs money.

6. Network marketing

fofoofomarket does not promote the any sort of network marketing on our platform. Examples, Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs, Network marketing and “Home Base Business” jobs, get rich quick etc.

7. Misleading, Deceptive Or Offensive

Examples, Listings that are shocking, sensational, disrespectful or portray excessive violence. Listings that misrepresent the item you are selling, Posts must not contain "before and after" images or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results. Posts must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss, or other health related products.

8. Real, Virtual Or Fake Currency

fofoofomarket does not promote the buying or selling of real, virtual or fake currency. example, Real money (cash or cash equivalent instruments and coins) Replica or prop money, Digital or cryptocurrency, Active bank credit or debit cards, Store credit cards or coupons, Pre-paid credit or debit cards, Checks or checkbooks, Equipment to create counterfeit currency or financial instruments.

9. Subscriptions Or Digital Products

Examples, Listings with downloadable content, including PDFs, music, games, movies, etc. Digital accounts, including Netflix accounts or games accounts, Digital subscriptions and internet streaming services, including television, subscriptions, mobile phone service subscriptions, Netflix subscriptions, Spotify subscriptions, etc. Digital coupons, vouchers, and download codes,

10. Mallam and Illuminati Ritual Services

Any Mallam, Illuminati or any kind of spiritual ritual services are prohibited on fofoofomarket.com

11. Prohibited by Law Products & Services.

Any products or services prohibited by laws are not allowed on fofoofomarket.com for examples, illegal drugs, weapons, dangerous health products and equipment's etc.

12. Recalled Products

If you're unsure whether the item you're buying or selling has been recalled, look on the website of the item's manufacturer or relevant government entity. Any recalled products listed on fofoofomarket.com shall be removed.

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Fofoofomarket.com means business. Fofoofomarket.com is Ghana’s largest business-to-business eCommerce marketplace. We provide the best tools & services to help you expand into new markets and connect with buyers all around Ghana and beyond.